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RG405.07 Video Recordings (General)

Object Type: Folder
In Folder: Academy Archives


Videos of or for classroom instruction.

9/21/22, 5:53 PM

Speeches and talks delivered at the academy. Includes Forrestal Lectures but does not include graduation addresses

9/21/22, 5:51 PM

Includes Color Ceremony, Graduation, Herndon Climb, Prizes and Awards Ceremony, and Ring Dance

9/21/22, 5:58 PM

Includes non-midshipman ceremonies and distinguished visitors.

9/21/22, 6:26 PM

Clubs and other non-academic midshipman pursuits

9/21/22, 6:05 PM

Includes Plebe Summer

9/21/22, 6:12 PM

Includes academy productions, news coverage, and television shows

9/21/22, 6:28 PM

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